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Corrective Maintenance

Perhaps the most important aspect to being in business is staying that way. Mechanical malfunctions can cost you time, money, and—before you know it—more than you can spare. Cornerstone Mechanical ensures that any problems are corrected within the shortest possible time. We’ll get your system back up and running so that you can resume your business without significant loss or delay.

Our corrective maintenance specialists can restore a failed system to operational status. This usually involves replacing or repairing the component that’s responsible for the overall system failure. The primary objective of our corrective maintenance service is to restore your system to satisfactory operation within the shortest possible time.

A few examples of corrective maintenance include:

  • Bearing replacements
  • Fan rebuilds
  • Pump rebuilds
  • Gearbox replacements
Corrective Maintenance Before (Body)Corrective Maintenance After (Body)

Repairs & Rebuilds

Even the best, most cutting-edge machinery breaks down eventually. Despite your diligence and commitment to preventive maintenance, there will still be times when your equipment needs repair. At Cornerstone Mechanical our technicians stand ready and waiting to do our utmost in getting your equipment back to an operational state as quickly as possible. Read our blog to learn about the Top 4 Reasons Machine Parts Fail – And What You Can Do About It.

Our corrective maintenance services include but are not limited to:

Motor Repairs

If you have a motor giving you trouble, we can help. For simple mechanical problems, our technicians can replace motor bearings on-site, saving you the time and money you might have otherwise spent waiting for repairs at a motor shop. In the event that your whole motor’s “toast,” we can replace it for you and make sure the new motor is properly installed and laser aligned to your equipment, restoring function and maximizing motor life.

We’re also more than happy to tackle a full motor refurbishment. Our outstanding relationships with local motor shops ensure that we have what we need to complete your repairs in a timely and affordable manner. For everything motor, trust Cornerstone Mechanical.

Fan Repairs

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the humble, mechanical fan. Fans are seldom more important than when they’re malfunctioning, causing work stoppages and even unsafe working conditions. From a small blower to a huge cooling tower, we have you covered.

We can replace any mechanical parts that keep your fan from full functional service. We’re also thrilled to bring your fan into perfect balance. See our Dynamic Balancing services page for more details.

Pump Rebuilds

From small leaks to 20-year-old pumps in desperate need of an overhaul, we can service just about every pump there is, no matter its age or issue. Our highly trained mechanical technicians bring your pump back up to optimal performance, whether it needs a simple fix or a turn-key overhaul.

End suction, split case, or vertical pumps—you name it. Cornerstone Mechanical has a solution for your pump.


FAQs for Corrective Maintenance Services

What Are Corrective Maintenance Tasks?

Corrective maintenance involves repairing or replacing components of a system that have failed or are malfunctioning to restore it to operational status. It aims to fix issues promptly to minimize downtime and maintain business continuity when equipment failure occurs.

What Types of Equipment Do You Service?

Cornerstone Mechanical services a variety of rotating equipment, including motors, fans, pumps, and gearboxes. We handle everything from minor repairs to complete rebuilds and replacements.

How Quickly Can You Respond to a Maintenance Request?

We prioritize prompt response times to minimize your downtime. Our specialists are equipped to address mechanical malfunctions swiftly, ensuring your system is back up and running as soon as possible.

Can You Handle Small & Large-Scale Repairs?

Absolutely. Our maintenance team is experienced in minor fixes and extensive overhauls, ensuring that all your maintenance needs are met regardless of the scale.

Corrective Maintenance With Cornerstone Mechanical

Don’t see what you are needing listed above? Don’t worry! We may still be able to help. In addition to these listed services, we also provide repairs on all types of other rotating equipment. Read our blog on corrective maintenance to learn more on the subject.

Proudly serving communities in Northeast Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth, we’re ready and willing to help you get back to business. For scheduled or emergency corrective maintenance, call on Cornerstone Mechanical today at 214-570-9498.

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