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At Cornerstone Mechanical, Inc., we’re always on the lookout for new ways to help in both our industry and our communities. That’s why we were thrilled this year to host a booth at the 2021 North Texas Facilities Expo in beautiful Arlington, TX. 

Together with other like-minded industry players in the facilities engineering, MRO, and green building fields (among so many more), Cornerstone Mechanical had the amazing privilege of meeting and greeting some of the biggest names in the region.

In Good Company

Over 450 industry professionals gathered at the Esports Stadium in Arlington this year, complete with demonstrations, immaculate booths, and dazzling service offerings. Nearly every industry imaginable was represented as the Expo, including long-time and future Cornerstone Mechanical partners.

From software solutions to energy management, power transmission to predictive maintenance—a bread-and-butter specialty of Cornerstone Mechanical—we learned more than we ever thought possible about how much predictive, preventive, and corrective maintenance mean to those we respect and admire most.

Cornerstone representatives were delighted to speak to visiting municipal governments, schools, colleges, and wastewater managers about our laser alignment, pump maintenance, and balancing services. We learned so much about our clients’ needs and even made a few friends along the way.

On Display 

At the Cornerstone Mechanical booth—our first booth of its kind debuting this year—we met folks of all kinds. As one of the only companies in attendance specializing in dynamic balancing, machine maintenance, and infrared thermography, we had plenty of opportunities to speak to a diverse range of industry representatives about the unique needs posed by their industries.

To make the event even more wonderful, the Cornerstone Mechanical booth was included on a scavenger hunt arranged by organizers. As one stop on the eight booth scavenger trail, we got a second to speak about Cornerstone’s diverse services to nearly everyone in attendance.

Here to Help

At Cornerstone Mechanical, we’re all about keeping you in business by keeping your machines working optimally. That means catching potential component issues before, during, and after failure. Simply fixing components after they fail isn’t our benchmark for success. We prefer the kind of emergencies that never happen in the first place.  

By scheduling your preventive maintenance service with an expert at Cornerstone Mechanical, you can rest assured that someone with the time and expertise stays on your side all year long, freeing up your own concerns and employees. Our corrective maintenance specialists, on the other hand, can swoop in to save the day whenever you feel that something’s just “off” about your machinery.

Of particular interest to many booth visitors throughout the 2021 expo were our laser alignment and dynamic balancing services—both accomplished through cutting-edge technology and metrics for sustained, optimal performance that our clients can rely on.

Looking Ahead 

Simply put, the 2021 North Texas Facilities Expo was an absolute blast. By cultivating relationships with other industry leaders in north Texas and beyond, Cornerstone hopes to be a part of a thriving industry that its partners and Texas industrial leaders can be proud of.

If you also attended the North Texas Facilities Expo this year and didn’t get a chance to reach out to us, head on over to our contact page to drop us a line. We’re here to keep your business, municipality, university, and just about anything else up and running smoothly and profitably.

Looking for a new industrial partner? Cornerstone can help!

To find out more about what we can do for your specific industry or for your particular needs, contact us today or call (214) 570-9498 today! We were so busy having fun and educating our industrial partners throughout the Expo that we may have missed a chance to connect. We’d love to hear from you about what you need to stay up and running all year long. If it runs, breaks, vibrates, or otherwise, Cornerstone Mechanical, Inc. can help you keep it going!


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