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Technical Services for Rotating Equipment

For over 25 years, Cornerstone Mechanical has earned its reputation as a highly respected partner to industrial plants and process facilities in the Northeast Texas area, including Dallas and Fort Worth. We take pride in working closely with our clients to lower production costs and resolve reliability issues within their production constraints.

The health and continued functionality of your rotating equipment is vital to your business. Any interruption to production or operation is simply unacceptable. That’s why at Cornerstone Mechanical, we pride ourselves on preventive maintenance using the latest, cutting-edge technology to deliver year-round reliability. 

Through dynamic balancing, laser alignment, predictive and preventive maintenance, and expert equipment installation, Cornerstone catches issues before they cause work stoppages. But machinery is fickle and doesn’t always operate on our hopes and dreams. For those moments, Cornerstone offers corrective maintenance and other long-term options to ensure machine reliability for years to come. Before, during, and after machine issues, Cornerstone is here to keep you up and running.

Cornerstone is here to
keep you up & running.

Cornerstone is here to keep you up & running.


Cornerstone Mechanical

Our Featured Offerings

Fix it Before it Breaks with Preventive Maintenance

In business, as in life, knowing the future could provide unlimited benefits. But sadly, no crystal ball can reveal when your machinery will fail, leaving you stranded, shut down, or with an emergency situation to deal with. There is, however, the next best thing to seeing the future: preventive maintenance. Just as its name suggests, preventive maintenance is designed to identify, repair, or replace critical machine components today that might otherwise cause a work stoppage or emergency situation tomorrow. Preventive maintenance may not be a window into the future, but it can give you the confidence you need to plan…

Working Hard All Winter – Seasonal Predictive Maintenance

In both warmer and cooler months, you rely on your heavy machinery to keep the lights on, the team employed, and the revenue flowing. You don’t have the time, effort, or expenses for emergency maintenance, but the longer you operate this or that heavy machine without regular check-ups, the more likely emergency maintenance becomes.  To make matters more complicated, the winter season throws new hazards at your machinery both inside and out, further threatening the continued operation of your business. Components spanning the range from bearings to fluids (oil, lubricants) can experience greater risk of failure throughout the winter months.…

Cornerstone attends the 2021 North Texas Facilities Expo

At Cornerstone Mechanical, Inc., we’re always on the lookout for new ways to help in both our industry and our communities. That’s why we were thrilled this year to host a booth at the 2021 North Texas Facilities Expo in beautiful Arlington, TX.  Together with other like-minded industry players in the facilities engineering, MRO, and green building fields (among so many more), Cornerstone Mechanical had the amazing privilege of meeting and greeting some of the biggest names in the region. In Good Company Over 450 industry professionals gathered at the Esports Stadium in Arlington this year, complete with demonstrations, immaculate…

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